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  Is your child falling through the cracks? Need to improve grades? Raise test scores? Get homework done? Boost self esteem? Need Motivation? Confidence? Close skill gaps and build stronger skills? Assure academic success? Make learning fun and exciting?

Home learning with an experienced, certificated teacher might be the only answer. One-One-Tutor addresses the needs of individual students at a pace set for success. Students begin where they are at. We provide stimulating and innovative challenges for GATE students and customize our curriculum for children on all levels of learning development. Special needs students with a variety of learning disabilities thrive from individualized care and attention. We build on the strengths of each student.


  • Fit lessons around your needs: Medical, travel, extra curricular.
  • Experienced, certificated teacher in a diverse range of programs.
  • Assist parents and implement instructional material or programs.
  • Arrange field trips and coordinate events.
  • Unite with other other home school groups.
  • Connect with online instruction.
  • Learn in the comfort and security of your own home at your own pace with lessons custom designed for your own learning style.


  • Have unique learning needs? Need an Individualized customized program free of distractions?
  • GATE kids - Need a rich, challenging, interesting rewarding program?
  • Need a personal program targeting comprehensive instruction at a relaxed pace for your child?
  • Remediation all levels.
  • Dyslexic, IEP, 504, ADD, high functioning autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and other learning disabilities are welcome.
  • Adults learning English as a second language.

Develop creativity and build self reliance!

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