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Skill mastery is necessary for all students and to a large degree depends on quality of the home school programs. We provide stimulating and innovative challenges for GATE students and home school children in what is considered to be the best home school curriculum geared to the specific level and unique needs of all students.

  • Reading - Phonemic Awareness & Processing
  • Decoding Word Attack - Spelling
  • Comprehension - Sight Vocabulary - Critical Reading Skills - Phonics
  • High Order Thinking Skills - Critical Thinking Word Recognition
  • Cognitive Improvement
  • Reading Fluency
  • Sequencing - Memory - Encoding - Vocabulary - Logical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension - Verbalization - Visualization & visual memory
  • Context Fluency - Cognitive - Connecting & remembering verbal & written information/ ideas
  • Academic Performance - Oral Expression Oral Vocabulary
  • Following Directions
  • Test Taking Skills
  • Processing Development
  • Math/ Arithmetic
  • Math Reasoning/ problem solving
  • Math Computation
  • Math Word Problems
  • Math Facts
  • Hands on math manipulates
  • Remediation: all levels and abilities
  • Creative Writing
  • Journal writing and writing for fun
  • Expository, Biography, Auto biography, Narrative, Persuasive
  • Writing process: Step Up to Writing and other methods
  • Grammar and punctual
  • Business and friendly letters
  • Sounds associated with letters
  • Recognize blends, rhyming, and word families
  • Name lowercase and capital letters
  • How to write name and other beginning words
  • Name colors and number words
  • Read color and number words
  • Develop number concepts, including more and less
  • Read high frequency words
  • Read fluently and with comprehension
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